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Sell Benteler Boiler Pipes in Indonesia

Benteler Boiler Pipes in Indonesia

sell Benteler pipes sell Benteler pipes

PT Indira Mitra Boiler, a company specializing in the fabrication of steam boilers and the distribution of high-quality and high-pressure-resistant Benteler boiler pipes and thermal oil heaters, is undoubtedly a reliable choice.

With stock of boiler tubes in Indonesia, even small customer demands can now be met at competitive prices. The advantage of Benteler brand pipes extends to power generation, petrochemical, distillation installations, and plantations such as palm oil and sugar. Furthermore, our stock of pipes is equipped with Lloyd certificates, guaranteeing the quality of our stock, a feature not necessarily present in products from other distributor companies.

As part of the Benteler Group, an internationally recognized steel distribution and processing company, we are entrusted to market Benteler branded products, as well as other reputable brands, throughout Indonesia.

We offer three excellent products in the Indonesian market: carbon steel boiler tubes, carbon steel heat-exchanger tubes, and superheater tubes. These three products differ in terms of material composition, temperature resistance, and application. They are generally used in boilers, thermal oil heater coils, and evaporators in the palm oil and sugar industries.

Entering the palm oil, marine tanker, and industrial sectors as a newcomer does not make PT Indira Mitra Boiler less competitive when it comes to similar products offered by other companies.

Benteler boiler pipes Benteler boiler pipes

PT Indira Mitra Boiler ensures the availability of a substantial stock, supported by an international company network. We don't just stock products in Indonesia; we also maintain stock in several Asian countries such as Singapore, Thailand, and China. "We can fulfill every demand, even on a small scale,"

In Indonesia, PT Indira Mitra Boiler's stock is located in Marunda, North Jakarta. The available stock consists of carbon steel boiler tubes with varying lengths of 12.2 meters and diameters. In Singapore, we have heat-exchanger tubes of carbon steel ranging from 6.1 meters to 15 meters and 12.2 meters carbon steel boiler tubes. The European origin boiler tubes are equipped with Lloyd Certificates.

Another service we provide is meeting the ex-mill delivery requests, where tubes are produced based on orders. Often, there are projects for new units or routine maintenance that require a large quantity of tubes. For such demands, with the network owned by the Benteler Group, PT Indira Mitra Boiler can offer more competitive pricing, whether from Benteler's own factory or other factories. Prior approval from the customer will be sought if the tubes are to be sourced from other factories. "We guarantee the authenticity of the products we deliver."

For PT Indira Mitra Boiler, breaking into the boiler tube market in Indonesia is no easy task. The company must compete with products that have long been in circulation in Indonesia, such as those from Japan. Nevertheless, we are confident that our products will be well-received by customers due to their availability and quality assurance that complies with international standards. Furthermore, PT Indira Mitra Boiler consistently strives to maintain good relationships and services to satisfy the needs of its customers. With the principle that "the customer is king," PT Indira Mitra Boiler is ready to be a partner for all your tube requirements.

Why PT Indira Mitra Boiler Sells Benteler Pipes

Benteler has been producing quality tubes for 100 years, and we continue to develop these products further. With this experience, we can offer customers solutions worldwide along the value chain, from material development to tube applications. Additionally, we provide environmentally friendly surface coatings and complex solutions for forming technologies, such as airbag tubes.

Why Do We Do All This?

Because we like to think ahead, and we want to do our work well. This attitude has made Benteler Steel/Tube a leading manufacturer of high-quality, defect-free steel tubes, welded for the automotive, energy, and industrial sectors.

High-Quality and Advanced Technology Steel Tube Products

Wherever your business is located, you have access to various carbon steel and stainless steel tubes at Benteler Distribution. Not only for tubes with special values but also for tubes with specific dimensions. Within our global network of leading steel tube manufacturing, we can find the tubes that best suit your needs. In our storage facilities spanning over 310,000 m² worldwide, we can even store tubes in a customer-specific manner. And, most importantly, you receive the required tubes quickly and on time. Seamless precision steel tubes are one of our strengths. We work closely with our sister division, Benteler Steel/Tube, which is one of the leading companies in producing hot-rolled steel tubes and cold-drawn precision steel tubes without seams. You not only get high-quality tubes from us, but you also benefit from all the knowledge we have about seamless steel tubes. Our specialists are well-versed in the details of steel tube properties and applications. They will find the best solutions for you, ensuring the quality needed for your end products. The best solutions may not only include steel tubes but also accessories and Benteler PreFiS press-fit systems: robust and intelligent solutions for connecting tubes in seconds.
            Stock Sizes:
            - 31.8 OD x 3.2 WT x 12,200 Length (mm), 28 kg/pc
            - 38.1 OD x 3.2 WT x 12,200 Length (mm), 34 kg/pc
            - 38.1 OD x 3.6 WT x 12,200 Length (mm), 37 kg/pc
            - 38.1 OD x 4.0 WT x 12,200 Length (mm), 41 kg/pc
            - 42.4 OD x 3.2 WT x 12,200 Length (mm), 38 kg/pc
            - 48.3 OD x 4.0 WT x 12,200 Length (mm), 53 kg/pc
            - 50.8 OD x 3.2 WT x 12,200 Length (mm), 46 kg/pc
            - 50.8 OD x 3.6 WT x 12,200 Length (mm), 51 kg/pc
            - 50.8 OD x 4.0 WT x 12,200 Length (mm), 56 kg/pc
            - 60.3 OD x 3.2 WT x 12,200 Length (mm), 55 kg/pc
            - 63.5 OD x 3.2 WT x 12,200 Length (mm), 58 kg/pc
            - 63.5 OD x 3.6 WT x 12,200 Length (mm), 65 kg/pc
            - 63.5 OD x 4.0 WT x 12,200 Length (mm), 72 kg/pc
            - 63.5 OD x 6.3 WT x 12,200 Length (mm), 108 kg/pc
            Stock Sizes:
            - 76.1 OD x 3.2 WT x 12,200 Length (mm), 70 kg/pc
            - 76.1 OD x 3.6 WT x 12,200 Length (mm), 79 kg/pc
            - 76.1 OD x 4.0 WT x 12,200 Length (mm), 87 kg/pc

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