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PT Indira Mitra Boiler provides KSB International Class Oil Heater Pumps with excellent and durable capabilities. We sell pumps under the brand KSB with guaranteed product quality and authenticity. In Indonesia, the KSB oil pump is widely used by industries and is particularly popular due to its smart sensor technology. The KSB oil heater pump is known for its excellent capacity and reliable operation. This pump type, known as Etanorm SYT, is used in various industries, including industrial, marine, mining, and oil and gas applications.

Crude Oil Processing - Quality Products by KSB Spell Top Safety

Onshore and offshore extraction, in refineries, intermediate storage, and downstream applications - KSB products ensure the safe and reliable processing of our natural resources.

Optimal functionality and maximum reliability are crucial, not only to ensure smooth processes but also to protect people and the environment. To safely and efficiently process crude oil, all components must be entirely reliable. KSB pays special attention to meeting these criteria, especially concerning pumps and valves used in refineries. KSB pumps and valves are matched to:
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Highly volatile hydrocarbons and highly viscous fluids
  • Aggressive fluids containing gas, solid particles, or abrasive substances

RPH Process Pumps - Strong, Reliable, Efficient

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The single-stage RPH series process pump, compliant with API 610, 11th edition, is used in refineries, chemical industries, petrochemical applications, and power plants. These pumps handle fluids reliably and efficiently.

The RPH process pump for the chemical and petrochemical industries is a horizontal volute and radial casing pump designed for flow rates up to 4,800 cubic meters per hour and pressures up to 110 bar. It meets all requirements of API 610, 11th edition, and ISO 13709 (heavy-duty duty).

Benefits of RPH Process Pumps:

Low maintenance costs

  • The selection of a balancing system for specific duty points significantly reduces axial forces and extends bearing life.
  • Double volute (DN 80 and above) reduces radial thrust and prevents shaft deflection.
  • This reduces the load on bearings and mechanical seals.
  • Mechanical seal per ISO 24109 / API 682 in easy-to-install/remove cartridge design for maintenance.

Low operating costs

  • A wide choice of over 70 hydraulic systems allows optimal pump selection according to API with higher efficiency.

Long lifespan of mechanical seals and bearings

  • The maximum allowable shaft diameter, permitted by API 610, ensures minimal shaft deflection and maximum bearing life.

High flexibility

  • Pump flanges are available for all common pipe networks, meeting all standards up to PN 100 (ASME Class 600).

Reliable and robust

  • Heavy-duty 40° contact angle thrust bearings exceed API requirements.
  • Oil mist or oil mist lubrication.
  • High efficiency, low NPSH value.


  • Steel bearing bracket with integrated cooling fins eliminates the need for a separate cooling circuit. Along with the optional fan impeller, it protects the pump from excess heat up to a fluid temperature of 315°C.

CHTR - Multistage Barrel Pump to API 610 for Extreme Oil and Gas Industry Applications

jual Pump KSB OIl GAS jual Pump KSB OIl GAS

The multistage barrel-type pump from the CHTR series to API 610/10 is used, among other applications, in the petrochemical processes in refineries and energy applications in power plants. It operates reliably at high pressures and can withstand extreme loads in the oil and gas industry.

Benefits Offered by CHTR Barrel-Type Pumps

High Operational Reliability

  • Optimized balance drum geometry ensures minimal axial thrust and high operational reliability.
  • Highly robust rolling-element bearings or segmented thrust bearings pivotally support the rotor in the correct axial position and absorb any remaining axial thrust forces.
  • Individually secured impellers compliant with API 610.
  • Dimensional seal space compliant with API 610.

Extended Service Life

  • Mechanical seals designed for high loads to minimize vibration and extend service life.
  • Highly durable and rigid pump shaft.
  • Pressure-retaining components to ASME Sec. VIII Div. 1.
  • Dimensioning in line with API 610 (depending on operating pressure).

Easily Serviceable

  • No need to disconnect suction and discharge flanges.
  • The rotor doesn't have to be removed for bearing inspection (or replacement).
  • The rotor doesn't have to be removed for mechanical seal inspection (or replacement) (cartridge design).

Reduced Operating Costs

  • Modular design system ensures high flexibility to adapt to specified operating conditions (5 pump sizes, maximum of 16 stages).
  • Great choice of over 30 highly efficient hydraulic systems available, thanks to special impeller and diffuser designs.
  • Efficiency can be improved, e.g., by trimming the impeller.

Additional Features

  • Low friction bearings.
  • Oil ring lubrication.
  • Forced oil lubrication on demand.
  • Bearing housing water cooling.
  • Fan cooling on demand.
  • Casing cover cooling on demand.

Retrofit in Practice - KSB's RPC Retrofit Kit

A new pump isn't always necessary: With the RPC Retrofit Kit (Refinery Pump Cartridge), KSB offers a standard upgrade for single-stage horizontal OH2 process pumps according to API 610.

RPH Service Retrofit solutions are an excellent alternative to buying new products, regardless of their intended use; they are also suitable for use in the industry, water supply and wastewater applications, and the power supply industry.

Retrofit solutions can be the answer to the following issues:

  • How to achieve smoother operations and lower vibrations?
  • How to extend the life of seals and mechanical bearings?
  • How to increase the lifespan of your pump?

How you benefit from retrofit solutions:

  • Reducing blind stage strength can reduce energy consumption.
  • Using mobile surface wear rings achieves higher efficiency while minimizing wear.
  • Strengthening the pump with mechanical seals ensures reliable operation while minimizing energy consumption.

Real Example: Upgrade for OH2 Process Pumps

With the RPC Retrofit Kit (Refinery Pump Cartridge), KSB offers a standard upgrade for single-stage horizontal OH2 pumps to API 610 (or ISO 13709). The pump casing, impeller, and drive remain unaffected, while all other pump components are replaced with new ones. The kit consists of standardized, tested, and proven bearing brackets and casing cover, shaft coupling elements, and impellers. The design of these components will be modified to fit your pump during the retrofit process. If necessary, the upgrade package also includes casing and impeller repairs. With four kit sizes available, OH2 pumps can be retrofitted regardless of their brand. Modifications to the piping system are not required, although occasionally motor shifting may be necessary when retrofitting older pumps with long overall length single or dual seals.

RPC Retrofit Kit (Refinery Pump Cartridge) from KSB:

Features of Cartridge Refinery Pump RPCFeatures of Cartridge Refinery Pump RPC
  1. RPC Features
  1. Spiral-wound gasket with limited and compressed metal-to-metal contact
  2. Seal room to API 610, 11th edition, for mechanical seal installation to API 682, 3rd edition
  3. Heavy-duty 40° contact angle thrust bearings that exceed API 610 standard requirements
  4. Max. shaft diameter for minimal deflection and maximum service life
  5. Labyrinth seal tested and proven with KSB standards (optional INPROSEAL®)
  6. Low-vibration cast steel bearing bracket with integrated cooling fins and optional fan impeller to protect the unit from excess heat. Four different bearing bracket sizes cover nearly all pump sizes.
  7. Optional: casing cover cooling/heating model; compatible with all API packages
  8. Optional: hydraulic impeller optimization to match individual operating conditions
Practically, KSB's RPC Retrofit Kit offers an ideal solution with real benefits. You have a choice: inspections and retrofitting can be done at KSB or on-site. Regardless of your decision, compliance with Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX) is, of course, included.

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