Oil Thermal Boilers


Oil Thermal Boilers ( Thermal Oil Heater)

jual thermal oil heater

imb Thermal is a heat generator by using oil as a heating medium.Thermal IMB can be operated up to a temperature of 350 C with very low pressure (curfrom 5 bars), compared to using a steam boiler with the same operating temperature mathe required pressure exceeds 90 bar.IMB Thermal can be used in industries that require heat.IMB Thermal is designed with multi tubular consent coils, vertical execution (standing position) d Horizontal execution. Multi tubular coils make heat transfer in the coil very tightbalanced and perfect, so it is more guaranteed to avoid the risk of burning filming oil bcause crustExtra wide combustion chamber surface to avoid flames that can damage the surfacecoils.

Does not require a water treatment plant and does not require chemical dosing in operation making it more efficient in operation.The use of mineral oil as a transfer medium does not cause dirt deposits, scavenging, no corrosive and stable at operating temperatures.IMB Thermal is assembled from a series of imported component materials that are known to be reliablevery high quality. Each component already has a representative in Jakarta and is easily available in the market so there is no concern about the spare parts.Each manufacturing process is carried out according to strict standard procedures and Quality Control, so that it becomes IMB Thermal as a sturdy and reliable Oil heater.

Perfect handling and supported by good service and supported by professional technicians is a guarantee of the quality of this product. Free of import procedures, the delivery schedule can be adjusted to the customer's needs with the production process system integrated. Guaranteed after sales, free commissioning and start up. IMB Thermal construction The thermal IMB body is the core of oil heater. The inside is made a multi helical coil system and at the coil end it is put together in two headers as hot oil inlet and outlet. Thermal coil IMB construction is made using international standard boiler pipes which are rolled by pipe bending mechine without using heating so as not to damage the composition of the chemical structure of the pipe material. On the outside of the Thermal IMB body is insulated using rockwool to increase efficiency and wipe with a plate as a wall on the outside. IMB Thermal is equipped with a control panel that is useful to make it easier for operators to operate IMB Thermal.

Expantion Tank

expantuion tank thermal oil

Expantion Tank is a combination of Deaerator tanks, buffer tanks and Expantion tanks. With the combination u between these three tanks the uppermost layer of oil associated with the air will always be cooler so the chance of oil oxidation is greatly reduced. Expantion tanks function to accommodate the expansion of heating fluid, removing the air that is confined to the Install and prevent capitation in the circulation pump.

 Thermal Oil Heater

Expantion Tank Circulation Pump Circulation pump serves to drain heating fluid in the installation. Size and the pump capacity is adjusted to the thermal IMB design. Pump capacity determines the shape of the flow of heating fluid inside the coil. Aliran dida thermal IMB must be turbolent, this is useful for avoiding liquid damage heater and coil in thermal IMB body. The circulation pump can operate up to 350 C.

Control Panel

panel contol thermal boiler

The control panel is the center of the Thermal IMB controller. This panel is available some switches and lights to operate the burner and circulating pump automatic. In the control panel there are also instruments and indicators that function for regulate, monitor and control thermal IMB. The control panel is designed in such a way as to facilitate the operator inside operate the Thermal IMB Safety Device Digital temperature controls Flow controls switches Automatic burner controls Chimney temperature control Pressure gauge Pilot lamp indicator Alarm

How it Works Thermal IMB All installations must be filled with heating fluid to the control level of the expantion tank. The circulation pump will drain the heating liquid from the expantion to the IMB thermal body and then process and recover again to the expantion tank. After the circulation flow of the heating fluid is stable, the burner will light up and burn the coil inside the thermal IMB body so that the heating liquid becomes hot and hot is passed to the process. After the desired temperature is reached, the burner will automatically turn off and will turn on again after temperature down.

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