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Riello Press G type burner with diesel fuel, Riello burner is an Italian licensed and produced burner that is rapidly gaining popularity, especially in Indonesia. The proof of its quality, durability, and easy operating system, along with the availability of spare parts in the market, makes Riello burners very well-known in Indonesia. As time passes, Riello burners continue to play a significant role, especially in the industrial world, where industries or factory machines require a considerable volume of heat energy or flame combustion in a short period. This is where burner equipment works; it not only reduces labor but also speeds up the combustion process according to the required scale, and the flame size can be easily adjusted. This time, we will discuss the Riello Press G type burners, from the smallest Press G to the highest Press G.

Understanding Riello Press G - Diesel Burner

Riello Press G burner uses diesel fuel and has a Two-Stage operation, meaning it has two flames. The Riello Press G itself has five types: Press GW, Press 1 G, Press 2 G, Press 3 G, and Press 4 G. The first type, Riello Press GW, has a flame capacity of 107 kW - 376 kW and uses 9-30 kg of diesel fuel. The Press 1 G - Press 4 G types are almost the same but differ in flame capacity and the amount of fuel used. Below are the specifications of capacity and the type of fuel used for Riello Press G:

Burner Riello type Press G PRESS GW 107/178 ÷ 356 kW (9/15÷30 kg/h) PRESS 1 G 130/190 ÷ 534 kW (11/16÷45 kg/h) PRESS 2G 214/356 ÷ 712 kW (18/30÷60 kg/h) PRESS 3G 273/534 ÷ 1168 kW (23/45÷100 kg/h) PRESS 4G 415/830 ÷ 1660 kW (35/70÷140 kg/h)

Riello Press G Burner Sales Center

Our company is engaged in the fabrication of steam boilers in Indonesia and sells various types of Riello Press G burners and other Riello burner types at competitive prices with guaranteed authenticity. In addition to selling Riello burners, we also provide professional technicians for burner repairs and installation services when required by the buyer. Our company, founded in 2015 and located in Tangerang, prioritizes good after-sales service. Our marketing and sales team is ready to serve customers every day to provide assistance to those in urgent need or requiring fast deliveries. Customers' needs are our priority, and we are committed to providing the best service.

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We hope this article is useful for all of us. If you have any questions or need Riello burners, please don't hesitate to contact us again, as providing excellent customer service is our mission for your comfort and satisfaction.

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