Selling certified boiler pipes

Certified Boiler Pipes

We are a company specializing in the sale of fire tubes or pressure vessel boiler pipes. Our company is engaged in boiler fabrication and supplies certified European boiler pipes. Boiler pipes are highly sought after by technicians and industries for their boiler machinery needs. In Indonesia, the demand for pressure vessel boiler pipes is typically met through imports. Our company provides certified boiler pipes under the German-licensed brand Benteler. Below are details of the available Benteler boiler pipes.

The Boiler Tube we supply is certified to European standards with the Benteler brand, providing materials such as P235GH TC1, P235GH TC2, SA210, SA 192, SA 179, A213 T22, and we also supply for Superheater pipes. Benteler pipes have been widely supplied in Indonesia, especially for Tube Boilers, both for Steam Boilers below 10 bars and superheater pipes with pressures up to 32 bars. These Benteler pipes are produced in Germany, using high-quality carbon steel known for its reliability.

Seamless Benteler pipes

Specifications and Features of Benteler Pipes

OCTG BENTELER products have extensive experience in producing environmentally friendly pipes for casing, tubing, drilling pipes, and oil equipment, with various strength grades complying with API 5CT (up to Q125), API 5DP (up to S135 PSL3), and various customer specifications for Boiler Piping and Thermal Oil Heaters in Indonesia.

Pipe Features

  • Fully integrated steel and tube production
  • Availability of non-standard sizes
  • Customized chemical composition and tight mechanical properties through integrated production
  • Various oil tool applications for shale gas
  • Strict dimensional tolerances due to high degree of process automation
  • Unique and non-destructive heat treatment capability
  • High productivity and excellent surface quality testing methods
  • Materials up to X70QS and X80QO
  • Strictly controlled chemical composition
  • Precise geometry due to fully automated production
  • Supplied in rolled, heat-treated, and cold-drawn condition
  • Compliance with various international and customer standards

Benteler Boiler Pipes are a leading manufacturer of high-quality pipeline solutions for onshore, offshore, and sour gas applications. They specialize in producing hot-rolled seamless tubes, heat-resistant steel tubes, and cold-drawn seamless tubes, providing customers with a fully integrated value chain from steel melting to customized tube solutions.

Dimensional Range (OD Size)

  • Hot-rolled: from 20.0 mm / 0.472” to 153.7 mm / 6.05”
  • Cold-drawn: from 4 mm / 0.16" to 160 mm / 6.30"

Standard EN 10225 S355 G15+N :

  • API 5L X52N mod. PSL2
  • ISO 3183 L360N mod. PSL2
  • BS 7191 grade 355 mod.


  • Double Random lengths
  • Other lengths and fixed lengths on request


    Producer, EN standard, material, delivery condition, heat code or identification number


  • Ultrasonically tested to ISO 3183 and EN 10893-8+10
  • NACE MR 0175 / ISO 15156-2
  • Other tests available on request
  • Certification 3.2 acc. to EN 10204 by Lloyds
  • Other certifications on request

Certified boiler pipes


    48.30×3.20×9000 13CrMo4-5 32.07
    50.80×4.00×12200 13CrMo4-5 56.39
    19.05×2.77×2242 A/SA 179 2.50
    31.80×3.20×12200 P235GH TC1 27.57
    31.80×3.60×12200 P235GH TC1 30.58
    38.10×3.20×12200 P235GH TC1 33.64
    38.10×3.20×12300 P235GH TC1 33.92
    38.10×3.60×12200 P235GH TC1 37.41
    42.40×3.20×12300 P235GH TC1 38.10
    48.30×4.00×12300 P235GH TC1 53.82
    50.80×3.20×12200 P235GH TC1 45.88
    50.80×3.20×12300 P235GH TC1 46.26
    50.80×3.60×12300 P235GH TC1 51.61
    50.80×3.60×12300 P235GH TC1 51.61
    50.80×4.00×12200 P235GH TC1 56.39
    50.80×5.00×12300 P235GH TC1 69.55
    50.80×6.30×12200 P235GH TC1 84.45
    50.80×6.30×12300 P235GH TC1 85.14
    60.30×3.20×12200 P235GH TC1 55.04
    60.30×3.60×12300 P235GH TC1 61.99
    60.30×3.60×12300 P235GH TC1 61.99
    63.50×3.20×12200 P235GH TC1 58.13
    63.50×3.20×12300 P235GH TC1 58.60
    63.50×3.20×12300 P235GH TC1 58.60
    63.50×3.60×12200 P235GH TC1 64.96
    63.50×3.60×12200 P235GH TC1 64.96
    63.50×4.00×12300 P235GH TC1 72.28
    63.50×4.50×12200 P235GH TC1 79.98
    70.00×3.60×12300 P235GH TC1 72.60
    76.10×3.20×12200 P235GH TC1 70.27
    76.10×3.60×12200 P235GH TC1 78.62
    76.10×4.00×12300 P235GH TC1 87.59
    76.10×5.00×12300 P235GH TC1 107.97
    76.10×6.30×12200 P235GH TC1 132.46
    76.20×3.60×12300 P235GH TC1 79.38
    76.20×3.60×12300 P235GH TC1 79.38
    76.20×4.00×12300 P235GH TC1 87.71
    76.20×6.30×12300 P235GH TC1 133.74
    63.80×4.00×9000 P235GH TC2 53.16
    51.00×6.00×12000 SA-210 GR.C 80.00
    63.50×11.00×12000 SA-210 GR.C 171.11
    54.00×8.50×12000 T91 114.59
    60.30×4.00×12000 T91 66.73
    60.30×6.00×12000 T91 96.53
    60.30×8.50×12000 T91 130.46

Differences Between Boiler Pipes and Regular Black Pipes

At first glance, we see that both boiler pipes and regular black pipes have a similar round and smooth appearance, like typical pipes. However, certified boiler pipes have differences in their function and quality. These pipes are specially produced for high temperatures and high pressures, and each manufacturer has strength certifications for the pipes they produce. Let's explore some of the differences between certified boiler pipes and regular black pipes.

- Boiler pipes have a smoother and more even finish on their body compared to regular black pipes.

- They have a distinct color, often brown to black.

- The body of boiler pipes bears markings indicating the pipe type and size from the manufacturer.

- All boiler pipes are of a seamless model; there are no joints or welds anywhere.

- They come with official certifications from the manufacturer.

Sales and Marketing Information

If you have any questions about boiler pipes in Indonesia, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our after-sales service representatives can be reached using the following contact information.

    Phone: 021 59375 021
    Mobile: 0813 8866 6204

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