Thermal Oil Heater

Thermal Oil Heater

PT Indira Mitra Boiler is a specialized company in manufacturing thermal oil boilers in Indonesia, and we produce Oil Heaters under the brand IMB-thermal with both Vertical and Horizontal designs. These heaters operate using natural gas, diesel oil, MFO residue, and biomass such as palm kernel shells and coal as fuel sources.

How IMB Thermal Oil Heater Works

The entire installation should be filled with heating fluid up to the control level in the expansion tank. The circulation pump will move the heating fluid from the expansion tank to the heat exchange chamber and back to the expansion tank.

Once the heating fluid circulation is stable, the burner ignites and burns the fluid inside the heat exchange chamber, heating the fluid. After reaching the desired temperature, the burner will automatically turn off and reignite when the temperature drops.

IMB thermal is a heat generator that uses oil as a heat transfer medium. Thermal coils can operate at temperatures from 200 to 350°C with very low pressure (less than 5 bar). In comparison, boilers using steam at the same temperature would require pressures exceeding 70 to 80 bar.

IMB Thermal can be used in various industries, including marine, mining, oil & gas, and any applications requiring heat. IMB Thermal is designed with multi-tubular/finned coils, both in vertical (standing) and horizontal (lying) configurations. The multi-tubular finned coil design ensures balanced and efficient heat transfer, reducing the risk of oil coking that can lead to deposits and fouling.

Another design feature is a larger ignition chamber surface area to prevent flame impingement that could damage the coil surface. IMB Thermal does not require a water treatment plant or chemical dosing pumps for operation, making it more efficient. The use of mineral oil as the heat transfer medium avoids sediment buildup, tube fouling, corrosion, and ensures stability during operation.

IMB Thermal is assembled from a series of high-quality components, including a Riello Italy burner, Benteler Germany oil pipes, KSB oil heat pumps, Schneider control panels, all known for their reliability and high quality. Each component has a local representative in Jakarta, making spare parts readily available nationwide, thus facilitating after-sales service.

Stringent quality control and adherence to standard procedures during manufacturing make IMB Thermal a robust and dependable oil boiler for the future.

After Sales: IMB Thermal is committed to providing excellent service and is supported by professional technicians. It offers hassle-free import procedures, flexible delivery schedules to meet user needs, and an integrated production system. The product comes with a post-sales warranty, including commissioning and start-up services free of charge.

Construction of IMB Thermal.

The body of IMB Thermal is the core of the oil heater. Internally, it features a multi-helical coil system, with the ends of the coils joined in one or two headers for inlet and outlet of the hot oil. The construction of IMB Thermal coils utilizes internationally standard heating pipes (Benteler/Mannesmann) rolled with a pipe-twisting machine, which does not involve heating and, therefore, preserves the chemical structure of the pipe material.

Externally, the IMB Thermal body is insulated with rock wool and covered with stainless steel plates to enhance efficiency. It is further protected by plates on the outer surface.

IMB Thermal comes with a control panel that simplifies the operation of the heater for administrators.

Expansion Tank

The expansion tank combines a deaerator tank, cushion tank, and expansion tank. This unique combination ensures that the upper layer of the oil that comes into contact with air remains cooler, reducing the risk of oil oxidation.

The expansion tank serves to accommodate the expansion of the heating fluid, vent trapped air in the installation, and prevent cavitation in the circulation pump.

Sump Tank

The sump tank is a container used to hold water. The term "sump" refers to an area where water accumulates.

Based on research by IMB engineers, the size of the sump tank should be at least 60% of the total volume of the ebb and flow bed. Of this, 40% is used to fill the media gaps during installation, and 20% is used to compensate for the reduction in oil heat due to evaporation, ensuring a high temperature.

Oil Heat Transfer Pump KSB.

The KSB oil pump is specifically designed to transfer hot oil to the oil boiler system up to a temperature of 350°C with a pump head of 40 meters, extendable to 100 meters. Of course, this will be adjusted according to the capacity of the thermal boiler. For example, a boiler with a capacity of 1000 Mcal/h requires an oil pump flow rate of 100m³/h and a head of 60 meters, powered by a 37 kW motor as a generator for the oil heater transfer.

Thermal Boiler Control Panel

IMB Thermal Boiler uses a control panel box system from Schneider, certified with IP 66 protection index, ensuring that the control panel system meets safety standards. The electrical components used include Schneider and Thermo Control Outotonic spare parts, which are readily available throughout Indonesia.

The control system we use is highly safe, including a differential pressure switch in and out of the oil heater, boiler temperature, chimney exhaust gas temperature, oil expansion tank level, and coil overheating system, among others. The circulation pump serves to flow the heating fluid within the installation. The size and capacity of the pump are adjusted according to the IMB Thermal plan.

The pump's capacity determines the flow pattern of the heating fluid inside the coil. Turbulent flow inside IMB Thermal is essential to prevent damage to the heating fluid and the coil in the IMB Thermal body. The circulation pump can operate at temperatures up to 350°C.

Board Control

Board control is the central control unit for IMB Thermal. This board includes switches and lights for automatic operation of the burner and circulation pump.

The board control also features instruments and pointers for adjusting, monitoring, and controlling IMB Thermal.

The board control is designed to facilitate administrators in operating IMB Thermal, including security devices, computerized temperature controls, stream control switches, programmed burner controls, stack temperature control, weight measurement, pilot light indicators, and more.

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