Thermal oil Boilers

Thermal Oil Boilers

Thermal Oil Heaters

hot oil boiler

Thermal Oil Heaters are heaters that use Thermal Oil Fluid as a conductor capable of operating at temperatures up to 300 to 350 degrees Celsius.

Unlike steam boilers that operate at pressures of up to 90 bar for use at 350 degrees Celsius, Thermal Oil Heaters only work at the circulation pump pressure, making them very safe and convenient, and equipment that requires heating does not need to be designed with special construction designs.

The lifespan of Thermal Oil Fluids generally lasts more than 10 to 15 years and does not need replacement as long as there are no leaks (oxidation) in the pipes or heaters, and they do not need cleaning because the internal parts of the heating coil do not become caked as in Steam Boilers. Some of our Thermal Oil Heater units have worked well for more than 15 to 20 years.


What are the advantages of Thermal Oil Heaters compared to Steam Boilers?

  1. Capable of operating at high temperatures at atmospheric pressure.
  2. Precision Temperature Control.
  3. No need for water treatment with expensive chemical compounds.
  4. No heat loss from condensate and explosions as in steam boilers.
  5. No corrosion and scale inside the boiler.
  6. Economical low maintenance costs.
  7. Fully automatic and simple operation, so no special operators are required.

Design  Thermo block Oil heaters are generally supplied in a vertical construction to save space and are highly efficient because they use an integrated burner that uses exhaust gas for initial air heating. This, in turn, allows for perfect oil combustion. The Heating Coil is made of Seamless Boiler Tubes continuously wound. Each weld is carefully checked by Radiographic Testing and Final Pressure Testing using pressures up to 30 Bar. Thermal Oil flows inside the coil at a carefully designed speed to prevent excessive heat that can cause oil damage due to coking.

Hot gas, as a product of hot oil combustion, radiates heat in the combustion chamber as radiant heat and then hot oil in the convection coil flows through the coil at a certain speed in 3 coil paths, against the flow of thermal oil. Turbulence generated by the gas passing through the coil results in increased Heater efficiency and coil cleaning effects from soot that may adhere to the external side of the coil. Scope of Delivery:

Each unit comes with accessories, including:

  • Heating Coil with cover
  • Circulation Pump
  • Expansion Tank & Deaerating Tank
  • Control system panel
  • KSB Oil Transfer Pump
  • Differential Pressure Switch
  • Oil Control Expansion Level
  • Temperature thermocouple

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